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Large deciduous tree. Leaf buds pointy, brown color. Flowers in currycombs of 5-10 together, yellow-green and without petals.

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Organic Sugar Maple - 15 Count Acer saccharum Rock Maple, Vermont Maple, Hard Sugar Maple, Hard Maple, Marshes Maple

Description: Large deciduous tree. Leaves 8 - 15 cm. long and equally wide with five palmate lobes. Leaf buds pointy, brown colored. Twigs green, turn dark brown. Flowers in corymbs of 5-10 together, yellow-green and without petals; flowering occurs in early spring after 30-55 growing degree days. Fruit a double samara with two winged seeds, seeds globose, .25 - .50 inch diameter, the wing 1 - 1.75 inch long. Seeds fall from the tree in autumn and remain viable for only a few days. Dimensions: Height: 70 - 130 feet Diameter: 2 - 3 feet Leaf: Opposite, simple and palmately veined, 3 to 6 inches long, 5 delicately rounded lobes, entire margin; green above, paler below. Flower: Light yellow-green, small, clustered, hanging from a long, slender (1 to 3 inch) stem, appearing with or slightly before the leaves in early spring.

Fruit: Two-winged horseshoe-shaped samaras about 1 inch long, appearing in clusters, brown when mature in the fall. Twig: Brown, slender and shiny with lighter lenticels; terminal buds brown, very sharp pointed, with tight scales. Bark: Variable, but generally brown, on older trees, it becomes darker, develops furrows, with long, thick irregular curling outward, firm ridges. Form: Medium to tall tree (to 100+ feet) with a very dense elliptical crown. Habitat: Canyons & valleys, Mountains Site Preference: Moist bottomlands; rich, wooded slope

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