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Medium tree with open, conical crown of slender branches reaching nearly to the ground

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Russian Birch Betula raddeana Ural Birch, Bakal Birch, Steep Birch, Evenki Birch, IsIt Birch

Description: Medium tree with open, conical crown of slender branches reaching nearly to the ground; more often a clump of several slightly leaning trunks from an old stump or a central point. Weeping in many cases due to a mutation that is uncontrollable. Some trees, approximately 20% will take a weeping form. Height: 25 - 40 feet Diameter: 1 - 2 feet Leaves: 2-3" (5-7.5 cm) long, 1 1/2-2 1/2" (4-6 cm) wide. Triangular, tapering from near base to long-pointed tip; sharply and doubly saw-toothed; usually with 4-8 veins on each side; leafstalks slender, with black gland-dots. Shiny dark green above, paler with tufts of hairs along midvein beneath; turning pale yellow in autumn. Bark: Chalky or grayish-white; smooth, thin, not papery; becoming darker and fissured at base. Twigs: Reddish-brown, slender, with warty gland-dots. Flowers: Tiny; in early spring. Male yellowish, with 2 stamens, many in long drooping catkins near tip of twigs. Female greenish, in short upright catkins back of tip of same twig. Cones: 3/4-1 1/4" (2-3 cm) long; cylindrical, brownish, spreading, short-stalked; with many hairy scales and hairy 2-winged nutlets; maturing in autumn. Soil: Dry to moist, sandy, loamy, to clayey soils. Sun: Full sunlight, will tolerate shaded positions. Habitat: Dry barren uplands, also on moist soils, in mixed woodlands. Range: Central Eurasia, eastward to Mongolian steeps. Discuss

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