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Irregular shrub; with age a rounded small tree or mounded shrub

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Knifeleaf Acacia Acacia cultriformis Knife Acacia, Wattle Leaf, Wattle,

Form: Irregular shrub; with age a rounded small tree or mounded shrub Seasonality: Evergreen Size: 6-12 feet, spread 6-15 fetet; in Tucson, typically only to 8ft with equal spread Leaves: Unusual triangular shape, like knife blade or shark fin; no petiole (phyllodium); rough texture, off-green Flowers: On terminal end of each branch, cluster of small golden yellow puffballs; bloom in early to mid spring Fruit: Small slender pod; 1.5-2 inches long, 1/2 to 1/4 inches wide Stems/Trunks: May form slender trunk with age Range/Origin: Arid regions of eastern Australia USDA Zones: 5b-11 Exposure: Full sun, part shade Water: Little once established; once per week or per every two weeks Soil: Adaptable, to most soil types. Proper amending with compost or other soils additives will give best results. Propagation: Seed, easily grown from seed; 95% success rate. Cuttings provide a 60% success rate. Maintenance: Low, best when left with natural form; prune to shape if desired Growth Habits: Evergreen tree or shrub, 10 feet to 16 feet tall (3 m-4.8 meters), 10 feet to 15 feet in spread (3 - 4.5 meters), grayish green, leaves Known Hazards: None known Cultivation Details: Prefers a sandy loam and a very sunny position. Succeeds in dry soils. Succeeds in any good garden soil that is not excessively limey. Most species become chlorotic on limey soils. This species is probably very tender in Britain

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