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Amazing Color And Taste to This Beautiful Corn, Good For Any Occasion

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Organic Indian Corn - 2 Ounces Zea Mays Bi-Color, Tri-Color, Quad-Color Corn, Flint Corn, Native American Corn, Mayan Corn, Ancient Corn

When to Plant: Indian corn requires warm soil for germination (above 55F for standard Indian corn varieties). Early plantings of Indian corn should be made at, or just before, the mean frost-free date unless you use special soil-warming protection such as clear polyethylene mulch film. Germination temperature: 65 F to 85 F - Will not germinate below 45 F Days to emergence: 7 to 12 to Indian corn require more moisture and often take longer to germinate. Days to Maturity: 75 Days to full maturity. For smaller cobs, can be harvested at 55 days. For minature heads (Baby Corn) can be harvested at 40-45 days. Temperature: Corn can survive brief exposures to adverse temperatures-low-end adverse temperatures being around 32 degrees F and high-end ones being around 112 degrees F. Growth decreases once temperatures dip to 41 degrees F or exceed 95 degrees F. Optimal temperatures for growth vary between day and night, as well as over the entire growing season. For example, optimal daytime temperatures range between 77 degrees F and 91 degrees, and optimal nighttime temperatures range between 62 degrees F and 74 degrees F. The optimal average temperatures for the entire crop growing season, however, range between 68 degrees F and 73 degrees F.

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