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Widely considered a staple corn of the Hopi people, this corn can be eaten as a sweet corn when young

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Hopi Blue Corn - 2 Ounces Zea mays Sky Corn, Storm Corn, Hopi Corn, Indian Corn, Mesa Corn, Pueblo Corn Description: Widely considered a staple corn of the Hopi people, this corn can be eaten as a sweet corn when young, or allowed to dry it can be used to make flour. Height: 10-12 ft. (Blue corn also tends to produce more than one stalk (tiller) per plant) Spacing: 6-9 in. Ears per Stalk: 4 to 8 (May be more or less depending on soil, sun, water, and other conditions.) Ear Length: 10 to 13 inches Ear Weight: 7 to 10 ounces Resistance: Wind & Drought Days to Maturity: 88 to 92 days Kernel Color: Red Soil pH: 6.6 to 7.5 (neutral) Characteristics: Blue corn has a coarser, sweeter and nuttier taste than other types of flour corns. It is the basis for many traditional Native American foods. Most blue corns grown in the Southwest are typically flour corns. Kernels are made up of almost all soft, floury endosperm covered by a thin, evenly distributed layer of hard, corneous endosperm. The outer endosperm is made up of a single layer of cells containing blue pigment, and is called the aleurone layer. A thin, transparent layer of crushed cells called the pericarp covers the entire kernel and serves and the seed coat. Pigmentation can occur in the pericarp and the main body of the endosperm, but the blue associated with the blue corn is normally found in the aleurone layer. The small blue aleurone grains in this layer can become so dense that kernels appear to be black. The shape of t

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