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A beautiful,distinctly mop-headed, small tree with large heart shaped golden leaves and white flowers with yellow and purple marks

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Golden Catalpa Tree - 25 Count Catalpa bignonioides "Aurea" Gold Catalpa, Golden Catalpa, Aurea Catalpa, Kings Catalpa

Description: A beautiful, distinctly mop-headed, small tree with large heart-shaped golden leaves and panicles of white flowers with yellow and purple markings in midsummer. It is hardy and famously pollution tolerant but the splendid foliage is reduced to tatters in very windy situations. It will grow in a sheltered spot in cold Northern areas and is worth growing just for the foliage, but here it will only flower in hot summers. At maturity, the Golden Catalpa Aurea is noted for its low-hanging branches that spread from the tree's crown. In this open, irregular-rounded form, it increases in spread more than height. The lifespan of 90+ years is complimented with drought tolerance and adaptability packaged as a golden specimen for the landscape. A sunny exposure with well-drained soil is considered optimal for the Catalpa tree. It will also withstand poor soil and pollution.

Bark: The bark remains thin as the tree grows and turns a light brown-gray color.

Foliage: The 4 - 10 inch long, 3 - 6 inch wide leaves are heart-shaped or round ovate. They have a rare golden Aurea color, during the summer, which is only surpassed by the large flowers panicles. The leaves drop off in the fall.

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