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Lima beans (Sometimes called butter beans) are grown for immature seeds shelled out of the pod

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Giant Lima Beans Phaseolus lunatus Giant Limas, Gigante, Pole Limas, Keg Butters, Butter Beans, Blind Butter

Description: Lima beans (Sometimes called butter beans) are grown for immature seeds shelled out of the pod. Limas are particularly sensitive to frost and cold soil and also more demanding of well-drained soil than other beans. Limas should be planted a week or two later than other garden beans. Many standard Lima cultivars require 3-4 months to mature for harvest. Bush Limas require a bit more space than baby Limas�about 3-4 inches apart for baby Limas, 6 inches apart for bush Limas, and 10 inches apart for pole Limas. Harvest Lima beans when the pods are plump, well-filled, and firm, but still bright green in appearance. They also freeze well. USDA Zones: 3b - 11 Maturity: 14 to 16 weeks Sun: Full sun to partial shade, requires sun for growth, but may be in shared for 25% of the day. Water: Adequate moisture is especially important from flower bud formation to pod set. Too much or too little water, or excessive heat, causes blossom and pod drop. Provide bean plants with 1 inch of water per week. Extremes in soil moisture can also lead to malformed pods in which only the first few seeds develop, leaving the rest of the bean pod shriveled. Water early in the morning to allow plants to dry quickly and reduce opportunity for disease infection

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