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Fringed Wattle is known as the Fringed Wattle because of the microscopic hairs along the phyllodes.

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Fragrant Fringed Acacia (Wattle) Acacia fimbriata Fringe Wattle, Hairy Wattle, Bearded Wattle, Brisbane Golden Wattle Description: Fringed Wattle is known as the Fringed Wattle because of the microscopic hairs along the phyllodes. The Fringed Wattle develops into a bushy tree and if left un-pruned will reach the height of a medium sized tree. A beautiful dense small tree which flowers with masses of sprays of yellow flowers, commonly used to accent other landscape items. Lovely tall shrub with graceful drooping habit. Deep golden sweetly perfumed flowers in dense clusters. Gray-green foliage. Erect or spreading shrub or tree to 6 m high; branchlets angled or flattened towards apices, with antrorse, spreading to appressed, white-hyaline hairs along ridges or glabrous. USDA Zones: 5a-11. Light: Dappled shade, part or full sun. Flowering: Flowers July�November. Inflorescences: 8�25 in an axillary raceme; axis 1.5�7.5 centimeters long; peduncles usually 2�5 millimeters long, glabrous or minutely hairy; heads globose, 10�20-flowered, 3�5 mm diam., bright yellow, sometimes paler yellow. Fruit: Pods straight to slightly curved, flat, straight-sided to slightly and often irregularly more deeply constricted between seeds, 3�9.5 centimeters long, 5�8.5 millimeters wide, firmly papery, glabrous, pruinose; seeds longitudinal; funicle filiform. Locations: From semi-wet, but well drained sites to dry rocky sites. Care Level: For low maintenance, cold area gardens.

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