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This squash was discovered by the colonists arriving in the New World, growing alongside their corn and beans.

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Early Summer Crookneck Summer Squash Seeds Cucurbita pepo Description: When the colonists arrived in the New World, they discovered crookneck squashes growing in the Native American gardens alongside their corn and beans; this "three sisters" group of plants all benefit each other. Crookneck squashes became a crucial source of food for the American settlers. This heirloom variety was listed for sale in catalogs as early as 1928. Other Common Names: Summer Yellow Crookneck, Summer Crookneck, Early Golden Summer Crookneck, Early Summer Crookneck Duration: Annual Days to Maturity: 50 Seeds Per Oz: 380 Height: 24 to 36" Spacing: 36 inches to 48 in Planting: Direct sow outside after danger of last frost. Plant seeds about one-inch deep and 2 to 3 feet apart in a traditional garden bed., and 1 inch below the soil surface. Feeding: Squash plants are heavy feeders. Work compost and plenty of organic matter into the soil before planting for a rich soil base. To germinate outside, use cloche or frame protection in cold climates for the first few weeks. Water: Water deeply. A steady water supply is necessary for the best quality fruit. Water deeply once a week, applying at least one inch of water. Shallow watering promotes shallow root development that is detrimental to yields. Don't judge the moisture content of the soil by the dryness of the surface, if the soil is dry four inches down, water. If the soil is moist at that depth, the plants will be fine.

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