Organic Dark Red Kidney Beans

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Color and flavor seem to be more vibrant than in lighter red kidney beans.

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Organic Dark Red Kidney Beans Phaseolus Vulgaris Cannellini, Caraota, Feijao, French bean, Kidney bean, Haricot bean, Field bean, Poroto, Snap bean, String bean, Frijol, Wax bean

Description: Color and flavor seem to be more vibrant than in lighter red kidney beans. Planting Time: Plant mid-spring to late-summer. Be sure cold snaps are over and danger of frost has passed. Soil: Neutral or alkaline pH, well drained. Root system is shallow, so watering must be tended to. Sowing Seeds: Sow seeds directly into beds. They should be 6 inches apart in rows 3 feet apart. Fertilizer: These beans don't need much nitrogen since they are able to take nitrogen from the air and fix it on their roots. Add lime if the soil is acidic. Rich soil or soil to which compost has been added will be fine until beans begin to flower. At this time, side dress with manure or additional compost. Sun: Plant in full sun for best results. However, planting in partial sun is possible, if 50% or more of the day is sunny. Temperature: Can't tolerate frost, needs warm soil, start indoors a few weeks before last frost to jumps start the season. Watering: Watering is a must in most areas because of the shallow root system. At a minimum, beans should be watered after sowing, when seedlings appear and during flowering. Maintenance: Hill rows with soil during early growth to protect against wind. Take care when weeding seedlings because the roots are near the surface. Harvesting: The will be ready in 10-12 weeks.

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