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One of the rarest, most desired cultivars of the Catalpa group. Deep purple/brown leaves shine in sunlight.

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Chocolate Catalpa - 25 Count Catalpa x erubescens Purpurea Purple Catalpa, Honey Catalpa, Black Catalpa, Chocolate Catalpa Description: One of the rarest, most desired cultivars of the Catalpa group. Deep purple/brown leaves shine in sunlight, and lend the tree a dramatic, stunning look in almost any landscape. Smaller in size than its cousins, well suited for most soils and landscape uses. The Chocolate Catalpa (Also known as the Purpurea Catalpa) is stunning in a solo setting, or used in group plantings. Genus: Catalpa Spread: 15-25 feet high, with a canopy height of 12-18 feet or slightly more with time Species: Bignonioides Shape: Bushy, pyramidal to rounded Cultivar: Purpurea Foliage: Purple, Maroon, Light Brown/Grayish hued green, glabrous when mature Zone: 4b-11 Flower: Small white/yellow flowers, very little pollen. Type: Deciduous Fruit: Short Seed Pods from Mother Trees, none from offspring Final Height: 40 feet+ Summer Color: Purple, Maroon, Light Brown/Grayish hue Fall Color: Red, Yellow, Orange

Discussion: A small to medium, bushy, rounded tree useful for tough sites. This tree is commonly referred to as Catalpa bungei, Nana Catalpa, Dwarf Catalpa, and Little Catalpa. A beautiful, distinctly mop-headed, small tree with large heart-shaped golden leaves and panicles of white flowers with yellow and purple markings in midsummer. It is hardy and famously pollution tolerant but the splendid foliage is reduced to tatters in very windy situations.

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