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A large umbrella shaped tree with feathery foliage. Seeds have been used as a coffee substitute

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Camel Thorn Acacia Acacia Giraffae Camel Thorn, Giraffe Thorn Description: A large umbrella shaped tree with feathery foliage. Seeds have been used as a coffee substitute. From the African savannahs where it a favorite browse of elephants, giraffe, and elks. Heartwood is so hard that sparks have been known to fly when it is struck with an axe. Good greenhouse/container plant that can be raised inside anywhere or outside in zones 5a-11. Tree up to 15 m high with dark-grey bark and straight leaves 5-6 cm long with white thorn at their base. Flower heads golden yellow, spherical. Pods almost straight or crescent-shaped, 10 cm long and 5 cm broad, covered by a grey felt like indumentum. Occurs on savannahs and along river beds. Fallen pods readily eaten by game and stock. Height: 40-50 feet, occasionally larger. Flowers: 8" curved blue/grey leaves with long yellow racemes of yellow flowers. Growth Habit: Fast growing and with a dense habit it is ideal for windbreaks. Habitat/ecology: Native in Australia, it is adapted to both cool, moist sites, and arid, rocky sites. Light: Dappled shade, part or full sun. Locations: From semi-wet, but well drained sites to dry rocky sites. Care Level: For low maintenance, cold area gardens. Frost Tolerance: Good, to 15` F. Propagation: Propagation is usually carried out from seed. Soil Type: Moist well drained or dry soils. Wildlife Benefits: Attracts seed-eating birds.

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