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Huge fruits with good flavor. Late season. Very large, medium-firm Deep Red fruits.

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Heirloom Cabot Strawberry Seeds Fragaria Description: Huge fruits with good flavor. Late season. Very large, medium-firm Deep Red fruits for U-pick or farm stand sales. The hardy, disease-resistant plants are well adapted to the Midwest and Northeast. A new release from Nova Scotia. Grows best in USDA Zones 4b to 8b. Heirloom: Yes Container: Yes Life Cycle: Perennials Diameter Spread: Spreading, running, ground type plant Form: Dependent upon growing location Height: Low, grows close to ground Flowers: Small - 1/2 to 1 inch flowers. The flower in the first crotch is termed the primary flower, the two in the next two crotches are termed secondary flowers, the next four are tertiary flowers, the next eight are the quaternary, and the next 16, if they develop, are the quinary flowers. The primary flower opens first and usually produces the largest berry. Flower Color: White Flower Period: Varied due to location, planting time, environmental conditions, and other factors Foliage: Small, toothed, triple leaves on central stalk, forming florettes around fruit Foliage Color: Green Fruit: Very, Very Large, Medium Firm Strawberries Fruit Color: Deep Red Fruit Cones: An accessory fruit that is not a true fruit, due to seeds being borne on the exterior of the fruit. Unique to the strawberry. Growth Habit: Low growing, mounding, or running, depending on soil, sun, competition, and location. Easily controlled, container grown, and transplanted

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