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The Boyne Raspberry is an early-season variety that is extremely winter hardy

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Organic Boyne Red Raspberry Rubus idaeus

Description: The Boyne Raspberry is an early-season variety that is extremely winter hardy. It consistently produces deep-red, medium-sized berries. The medium sweet, aromatic flavor makes it great for freezing and jam. It will grow where other varieties experience winter injury damage to the canes. Foliage: Sparse, Light Green to Medium Green USDA Zones: 2b to 7a Fruit: Smaller .3 to .75 inch Sweet, Red Raspberries Fruit Color: Light Red, occasionally Creamy Red in color, firm, good storage life. Water: Raspberries need lots of water when establishing, and once established, can tolerate times of high stress when water is scarce. Plan on 3 to 6 inches of water a week for the first 2 weeks, and half that much thereafter. Sun: All raspberries prefer full sun; however, they do tolerate dappled and light shade. Your fruiting will be compromised if too much shade is given. Soil: Loose, organic rich humus, add sand if needed to help lighten planting area. Raspberries tolerate sand or clay soils, providing the soil drains well. In wet, soggy soils, the roots can rot within a few days. Compost or manure improves texture and drainage, but if the soil is very wet, install raised beds or drainage pipes. Soil pH: 5.3 - 6.5. All Raspberry plants appreciate a more acidic soil; this is closer to their native environment and will help support the highest fruiting you can get.

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