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A small to medium sized tree to 25 ft, tall with very attractive foliage and fragrant flowers.

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Boomerang Wattle Acacia amoena Boomer, Wattle Tree Description: A small to medium sized tree to 25 ft, tall with very attractive foliage and fragrant flowers. Form: Shapely tree 3.5-8 m high. Branchlets red-brown, glabrous. Phyllodes on raised stem-projections, mostly inclined to ascending, mostly oblanceolate, 3-8 cm long, 5-17 mm wide, obtuse or acute, mucronulate, glabrous, with prominent and slightly excentric midrib, indistinctly penninerved; glands normally exserted, 2-4, the lowermost 3-10 mm above pulvinus. Flowers: 5-merous; sepals free to c. 1/2-united. Inflorescences 6-21-headed racemes; raceme axes 1-6.5 cm long, glabrous; peduncles 2-4 mm long, slender, glabrous; heads globular, 6-12-flowered, bright golden; bracteoles dark brown, evident in buds. Seed: Longitudinal, oblong to elliptic or ovate, 3.55 mm long, slightly shiny, black; funicle encircling seed in a single or sometimes double fold, pale red-brown; aril clavate. Pods linear, shallowly constricted between seeds, to 9 cm long, 56 mm wide, firmly chartaceous, dark brown to black, glabrous. USDA Zones: 5b-11. Light: Dappled shade, part or full sun. Locations: From semi-wet, but well drained sites to dry rocky sites. Care Level: For low maintenance, cold area gardens. Propagation: Propagate from seeds Soil Type: Moist well drained or dry soils. Wildlife Benefits: Attracts seed-eating birds. Discussion: The Boomerang Wattle grows into an erect medium shrub with bright, golden globular flowers

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