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One of our oldest Watermelons to offer. This is a variety that has been around for generations.

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Organic Blacktail (Black Tail) Watermelon Seeds Citrullus lanatus Blacktail Watermelon, Black Ball Watermelon Description: One of our oldest Watermelons to offer. This is a variety that has been around for generations. Loved by all who try it, and delicious without a doubt. A very simple Organic Watermelon to grow, everyone in the family will savor this on a hot summer day. Days to Maturity: 70 Days Fruit: The flesh is dark red and mouthwatering sweet. Fruit Size: Up to 12 inches in length, 8 inches in diameter and weighs in from 10 � 16 pounds. Fruit Color: Dark green skin with light accents, interior is bright red, juicy red and succulently sweet. USDA Zones: 2b � 11b (At elevation Zones 3b � 11b) Life: Annual Soil: Loose, loamy, amended with compost, slightly sandy. The better the soil, the better the Watermelon. Mulching with dark/black material to cover the soil will serve multiple purposes: it will warm the soil, hinder weed growth and keep developing fruits clean. Soil pH: 6.0 to 6.8 Sun: Full sun, no shade. Sowing: If you live in warmer climes, you can direct sow seeds outdoors, but wait until the soil temperature warms to at least 70 degrees F to avoid poor germination and losses. Watermelon vines are exceptionally tender and should not be transplanted until all danger of frost has passed. To be safe, wait at least two weeks past your absolute last frost date. [Gardeners in colder climates can still have success in growing watermelon by starting seeds indoors.]

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