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All Organic Berry Seed Combos. 4 Different Berries!

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Mountaintop Organic Berry Combo � 4 Different Berry Types

Organic O�Neal Blueberry Seeds � 35 Seeds Vaccinium Description: Considered best-flavored Southern Highbush! Very sweet and firm

Organic Earliglow Strawberry - 25 Seeds Fragaria Description: Our earliest; a top quality, high-yielding berry. Enjoy a bountiful harvest during the traditional strawberry season

Organic Canby Raspberry � 25 Seeds Rubus idaeus Description: Our best Northern Raspberry, grows best in locations with cooler summers. Deliciously flavored, slight tang in the sweet fruit.

Organic Granite Red Cranberry � 30 Seeds Granite State Cranberry, New England Berry, Concord Cranberry Description: One of the greatest container Cranberry�s that we carry. This Cranberry plant was made for container growing it seems.

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