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The deep hues and slight shades of this pampas coloration can add accents and highlights to any landscape.

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Lavende Pampas Grass Seeds - 50 Seeds Cortaderia selloana False River Rush, Bank Grass, Uruguayan Pampas Grass, Brazillian Pampas Grass

Short Description: Lavender Pampas Grass Seeds. Lavender Pampas grass lends a royal bend to your landscape. The deep hues and slight shades of its coloration can add accents and highlights to any landscape feature. Planted in conjunction with other vibrantly colored plantings will balance out most landscapes.

Details: Pampas grass is a large perennial grass native to Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Its common name is an obvious reference to the Argentine grasslands (the pampas) where it grows.It grows in large clumps eight to ten or more, feet high, bearing in late summer silvery-white, purple, reddish, bluish, or pinkish silken plumes which rise to a height of 12 plus feet, with proper care and fertilization, Pampas grass can grow to 18 feet.

The plume-like inflorescence differs between male and female plants. Female plants produce plumes that are broad and full due to silky hairs covering the tiny flowers. Male plumes appear narrow and thin because of the absence of hair on the flowers. Pampas grass can be a very attractive and functional plant when used correctly in the landscape. It can be used as a specimen plant in isolated locations on large lawns. Because it grows very rapidly into a massive plant, pampas grass is an excellent screening plant for a sunny location.

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