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A Variegated type of the Giant Dogwood Tree. Very striking green and creamy-white leaves. Beautiful white flowers. All USDA Zones.

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Variegated Giant Dogwood Cornus controversa variagta Pagoda Tree, Pagoda Dogwood

Description: The Variegated Giant Dogwood is very picturesque due to its horizontal, tiered branching and wide crown filled with green and white outlined/stripped leaves. Rather than rounding its crown with maturity, the Giant Dogwood often continues to tier more layers. This species and the much smaller Pagoda Dogwood (Cornus alternifolia) are the only two dogwoods that bear their leaves alternately, rather than opposite. The leaf is dark green and smooth above, blue-green beneath, carried on long, slender stalks, and clustered at the tips of the shoots. In contrast to most other dogwoods, the Giant Dogwood produces very small creamy-white flowers clustered in large heads in late May and early June. Leaves: Green with white accents surrounding or flecked throughout the leaf. USDA Zones: 3b to 8b Height: 35 ft Spread: 35 ft Form: spreading Type: deciduous tree Annual Growth Rate: more than 18 inches Flowers: White

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