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One of the world's largest trees with fibrous, reddish-brown trunk

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Giant Sequoia - 15 Seeds Sequoiadendron giganteum Giant Redwood, Sherman Tree, Sherman Sequoia,

Description: One of the world's largest trees with fibrous, reddish-brown trunk much enlarged and buttressed at base, fluted into ridges, and conspicuously narrowed or tapered above; narrow, conical crown of short, stout, horizontal branches reaches nearly to base. Giant trees have tall, bare trunk and irregular, open crown. Giant tree to 300. Bark brown, fibrous. Leaves evergreen. Height: 150-300' Diameter: 20', sometimes larger. Growth Rate: medium to fast in the initial decades, then slowing. Leaves: Evergreen; crowded and overlapping; 1/8-1/4" long, to 1/2" on leaders. Scalelike; ovate or lance-shaped, sharp-pointed; blue-green with 2 whitish lines. Bark: Reddish-brown, fibrous, very thick, deeply furrowed into scaly ridges. Twigs: Much-branched, slender, drooping; blue-green turning brown. Cones: 1 3/4-2 3/4" long; elliptical, reddish-brown; many flat, sharp-pointed cone-scales; maturing in 2 seasons; hanging down at end of leafy twig and remaining attached; 3-9 seeds under cone-scale, light brown, 2-winged, falling gradually. Habitat: Granitic and other rocky soils in scattered groves in moist mountain sites, usually canyons or slopes; in coniferous forests. Range: Western slope of Sierra Nevada, central California; at 4500-7500' ; rarely at 3000-8900' . Propagation: Easy to germinate and need up to 1/2 month to sprout.

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