Fall Organic Berry Combo

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4 Different Types of Berries. Blueberry Seeds, Strawberry Seeds, Raspberry Seeds, and Cranberry Seeds. All Organic!

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Fall Organic Berry Combo � 4 Different Berry Types!

Organic Ka-Bluey Blueberry Seeds - 35 Seeds Vaccinium Blows every other blueberry out of the water! You will never find another blueberry with better flavor or texture

Organic Ozark Beauty Strawberry - 25 Seed Fragaria High yielding with mouthwatering flavor.

Organic Fall Gold Raspberry � 25 Seeds Rubus idaeus A sweet, Fall/Autumn fruiting raspberry that is wildly productive.

Organic Pilgrim King Cranberries � 30 Seeds A very showy, heavy-bearing Cranberry that is prized by growers both for its very large berries as well as its blooms

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