Century Plant Seeds (Century Yucca)

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One of the more frost resistant Yuccas for northern planting. Very easy to grow. Central piece for many landscapes.

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Century Plant Agave deserti Desert Agave, Desert Century Plant, 100 Peso Agave, Desert Agave, Poor Mans Mescal

Description: A tall narrow cluster of flowers grows from a basal rosette of erect, rigid, sharply pointed leaves. Height: 10' (3 m). Flowers: Tiny, yellow, in 2" (5 cm) clusters at ends of short branches from top of tall stem. Leaves: 24" (60 cm), pointed, spiny-edged, grayish, in rosette at base of stem. Flowers: May-July. Bloom Color: Yellow/Orange/Red spikes start out like giant stalks of asparagus, are then topped by a glorious bouquet. Habitat: Rocky slopes and washes in desert scrub. Range (Zone): Mojave Desert mountains, Colorado Desert, Sonoran Desert, in California and Arizona. Flourishes in Zone 7 and above, will do very well in Zones 4-8, and will require protection in Zone 3 and below. Discussion: The Century Plant is a member of the agave family (family Agavaceae). Agaves are stout plants with woody stems or stem-bases, often tall, even tree-like, the long and narrow leaves crowded in rosettes at ends of stems or branches, a stout rapidly growing flower stalk arising from the rosette. Century Plants do not take a century to flower, but it may take them several years to store enough food reserves to supply the rapidly growing stalk and mature the seeds. This unique native plant has a tall, thin stalk from 10 to 14 feet high that grows from a thick basal rosette of gray-green leaves. The leaves are 10 to 18 inches long with long and sharp.

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