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Large planted, cone-bearing, evergreen tree with straight, stout trunk and narrow, pointed crown, becoming irregular and broad

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Cedar-of-Lebanon is a handsome, picturesque ornamental. Developing large cones often are conspicuous on lower branches. Its association with the Bible and the Holy Land make this species of special interest. The fragrant durable wood is used for construction timbers, lumber, furniture, and paneling in its native lands. The northeastern range was extended by collecting seed from native trees at their highest altitude. Lebanon cedar information tells us that these conifers are native to Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. In yesteryear, vast forests of Lebanon cedar trees covered these regions, but today they are largely gone. However, people around the world began growing cedar of Lebanon trees for their grace and beauty. Lebanon cedar trees have thick trunks and stout branches too. Younger trees are shaped like pyramids, but the crown of a Lebanon cedar tree flattens as it ages.

Mature trees also have bark that is cracked and fissured. You'll have to be patient if you want to start growing cedar of Lebanon. The trees don't even flower until they are 25 or 30 years old, which means that until that time, they do not reproduce. Once they begin to flower, they produce unisex catkins, 2-inches long and reddish in color; in time, the cones grow to 5 inches long, standing up like candles on the branches. The cones are light green until they mature, when they become brown. Their scales each contain two winged seeds that are carried away by the wind.

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