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Brilliant White fernlike leaves composed of many tiny leaflets make for a graceful effect.

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Brilliant White Jacaranda Tree Bignoniaceae Jacaranda mimosifolia Alt. Jacaranda chelonia, Jacaranda acutifolia, Jacaranda filicifolia Christmas Tree, Black Poui, Fern Tree, Zakaranda

Bright, White fernlike leaves composed of many tiny leaflets make for a graceful effect. The leaves are reminiscent of Mimosa, hence the species epithet. As an outdoor tree, it will produce masses of starkly brilliant white flowers, lighting up the street. It may bloom a little in a pot, but the foliage is sufficiently attractive by itself to make the plant worth growing. Fast growing, deciduous. The name is believed to be of Guarani origin, meaning fragrant. Leaf: Alternate, bipinnately compound, 8 to 15 inches long, 13 to 25 pairs of major leaflets, each with a similar number of minor leaflets, green above and paler below. Flower: Beautiful, bright, pure white, tubular, 1-inch-long, appearing in dense 6 to 10-inch terminal clusters in spring; spectacular display in spring and early summer with often the entire tree and later the ground turning off-white to light-yellow as the flowers fall off. The Jacarandas are impressive trees in May when covered with clusters of stark white tubular flowers.

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