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A flowing very open form of Boston Ivy, the leaves are longer and more airy than the standard.

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Boston Ivy - 'Ginza Lights' Vitaceae Parthenocissus tricuspidata Ivy, Wall Ivy, Bostonian Ivy, Old Ivy, Ginza Lights

Description: A flowing very open form of Boston Ivy, the leaves are longer and more airy than the standard. A strong-growing, self-clinging vine adhering itself to supports by means of adhesive pads at the ends of leaf tendrils. Tall-growing, it reaches a height of 10-20m (1-2m of annual growth). Healthy and undemanding species, unlikely to freeze during sever winters. The leaves turn dark green, the variegation being more dramatic in a sunny position. Excellent on buildings, but is also suitable for growing over arbors, pergolas and various supports. USDA Zone: 3a - 9b Growth Habit: Climbing or carpeting vine Form: A climbing vine that may reach up to 50 feet tall Growth Rate: Rapid Elevation: 9000' Height: Unlimited Spread: Unlimited Flowers: Very small and neutrally colored. Leaf: Very open form of Boston Ivy, with the leaf being dramatically different; longer and thinner than the standard. Alternate, simple or compound, coarsely serrated, 4 to 8 inches wide, 3-lobed (or trifoliate), shiny dark green above, much paler below. Flower: Small, green and borne in clusters on long stems, appearing in late May to mid-August. Bark: Smooth, gray-brown, corky raised lenticels. Twig: Slender, light reddish-brown, numerous lenticels, tendrils with adhesive pads are apparent opposite the bud scars, leaf scars are round and concave. Sun: Full Sun to Partial Shade

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