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Majestic, tall, broad-leaved, shade tree that works well in any environment. SImple to maintain and beautiful to behold.

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Bigleaf Linden Tilia platyphyllos Bigleaf Basswood, Bigleaf Linden Tree, White Leaf Linden, Lime Tree

Description: Lindens are some of the best shade trees and are ideally suited to home situations. Small, yellowish summer flowers are not showy but are highly fragrant. Small, round seeds hang on an interesting leafy bract and persist well into winter. A very large tree with a long trunk and a dense crown of many small, often drooping branches and large leaves; frequently has two or more trunks, and sprouts in a circle from a stump. USDA Zone: 2b - 9a Height: 60-100' (18-30 m). Diameter: 2-3' (0.6-0.9 m). Leaves: In 2 rows; 4-8" long and almost as wide. Broadly ovate or rounded; long-pointed at tip; notched at base; coarsely saw-toothed; palmately veined; long slender leafstalks. Shiny dark green above, light green and nearly hairless with tufts of hairs in vein angles beneath; turning pale yellow or brown in autumn. Bark: Dark gray; smooth, becoming furrowed into narrow scaly ridges. Twigs: Reddish or green, slender, slightly zigzag, hairless. Flowers: 1/2-5/8" (12-15 mm) wide; with 5 yellowish-white petals; fragrant; in long-stalked clusters hanging from the middle of leafy greenish bract; in early summer.

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