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A wonderful Dogwood for lowlands and wetter locations that don't suit traditional Dogwoods. Great maritime trees.

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Alternate-Leaf Dogwood Cornus alternifolia Pagoda Tree, Pagoda Dogwood

Description: Alternate-leaf dogwood is native to Newfoundland through the New England States to the Florida Panhandle, extending west to the northern shores of Lake Superior and eastern Minnesota and south through the Midwest States to Arkansas and Mississippi. Hardiness Zones: 3-7 Habit: Deciduous Growth Rate: Slow to moderate Site Requirements: Sun to partial shade; range of soil types but prefers moist, well-drained soil Texture: Medium Form: Spreading, horizontal branches; branches parallel to the ground creating a layered look Height: 15 to 25' Width: 15 to 30' More Information: Alternate-leaf dogwood is often referred to as pagoda dogwood in the landscape industry because of its growth habit, as opposed to its origins. Trees such as this who grow in the shady forest understory adapt this type of horizontal growth pattern to take advantage of sunlight filtering through the canopy overhead.

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